About Us

MERLIN: Films + Content is the culmination of years of experience gathered by communication and audiovisual professionals, who through knowledge of their market, understand the needs and desires of companies, and turn them into reality. This project was created with the aim of raising the standard of the objectives proposed, and always of course…with a touch of magic.



Video is fundamental for content strategy. 63% of companies currently use video as part of their marketing strategy. It’s not enough to create content today, we also have to find of linking it all together.


In a versatile and creative way, animation films allow you to present services, products or companies through the use of 2D or 3D graphics.


Live real-time professional broadcasting from multi-camera systems or robotic cameras. A system that allows you to show your content to the world, at any time.


In addition to sound post-production we provide audio services that provide solutions ranging from the creation of radio spots to the sound design of your institutional video.


Celebrate your event or your company and team through a photo report or photography created in a professional studio.


At the heart of any good video, TV spot, report or graphic animation is the script. A good story has impact and reflects on your company.